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Tag: Direct Air Capture

Oct 11
DNV validates Climeworks and Carbfix’s CO2 removal methodology

Climeworks, Carbfix, and DNV have partnered to develop the world’s first full-chain…

Sep 13
CarbonCapture Inc. announces Direct Air Capture and storage project in Wyoming

The project is expected to be operational by late 2023, at which point it would be the…

Aug 12
University of Sheffield, CO2Rail Company develop DAC system for high-speed trains

The train carriage technology is designed to capture air and then, through a chemical…

Aug 02
Rolls-Royce secures funding to build Direct Air Capture demonstrator

Rolls-Royce is making its operations and facilities net zero by 2030; improving the…

Jul 19
Airbus, Lufthansa, and others to explore CO2 removal solutions for aviation

As the aviation industry cannot capture CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere at…

Jul 19
Mission Zero-led consortium to pilot breakthrough DAC technology

DAC is a carbon capture technology approach that focuses on removing CO₂ directly from…

Jul 05
Climeworks breaks ground in Iceland to build its largest DAC and storage facility

Mammoth is Climeworks’ 18th project and its second commercial direct air capture and…

Jul 04
AspiraDAC launches world’s first solar powered Direct Air CO2 Capture

AspiraDAC has been selected to be part of Frontier’s first round of carbon removal…

May 11
Global Thermostat renews direct CO2 capture agreement with ExxonMobil

DAC technology can also aid industries where zero-emission alternatives have not yet…