Tag: CO2 capture technology

Jul 19
Air Liquide to build hydrogen production units with CO2 capture technology in Shanghai

Host to major international and local chemical companies, the park covers 29,4 km2 and…

Jul 19
Airbus, Lufthansa, and others to explore CO2 removal solutions for aviation

As the aviation industry cannot capture CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere at…

Jul 19
Ingenza awarded government funding to develop novel CO2 capture technology

This project aims to develop a novel technology which will capture industrial CO2…

Jun 21
Construction begins for new “Centre of Excellence for CO2 Capture & Removal” in Canada

This will be Canada’s first-of-a-kind commercial-scale carbon capture and removal…

Jun 07
Carbon capture start-ups shine on Hollywood-inspired ‘Diamond List’

The Diamond List is an attempt to surface the untapped gems in climate, like…

Jun 03
Carbon Clean wins UK government funding for CO2 capture technology

The project will advance Carbon Clean’s expertise in carbon capture technology using RPBs.

Jun 01
Green light for CO2 capture project at HeidelbergCement’s Hanover plant

HeidelbergCement aims to achieve CO2 reductions of up to 10 million tonnes by 2030…

May 11
Global Thermostat renews direct CO2 capture agreement with ExxonMobil

DAC technology can also aid industries where zero-emission alternatives have not yet…

Apr 27
AirCapture, OCOchem and partners win grant to capture and convert CO2

AirCapture develops on-site, modular technology that captures CO2 from the air using…

Apr 22
Baker Hughes acquires Mosaic Materials to advance CO2 capture technology

Baker Hughes will draw from its capabilities to develop and scale Mosaic’s technology.