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Dec 04
_ Blazing a trail through the carbon jungle…. Meet carboneer’s CEO Simon Gӧß

Companies looking to develop and implement decarbonization strategies can easily…

Oct 09
Northwestern University’s novel approach to CC from ambient environmental conditions

Even as the world slowly begins to decarbonize industrial processes, achieving lower…

Oct 03
Occidental, ADNOC to evaluate carbon management projects in the US and UAE

Occidental and ADNOC have announced that they will evaluate investment opportunities…

Jan 17
SK Earthon and Azuli to identify and develop CCS enabled solutions globally

The Parties will first seek CCS business opportunities in Australia and the United…

Dec 20
PETROS and POSCO Group collaborate to develop Carbon Capture and Storage business in Sarawak

The companies will conduct a joint study on potential carbon storage sites in Sarawak…

Sep 13
CarbonCapture Inc. announces Direct Air Capture and storage project in Wyoming

The project is expected to be operational by late 2023, at which point it would be the…

Jun 13
BKV and EnLink to develop carbon sequestration project in North Texas

The carbon dioxide waste stream will be captured, compressed, and then disposed of…

Feb 27
The Antwerp@C project takes a major next step towards halving CO2 footprint

Engineering studies have started, final investment decision expected by the end of 2022.