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Steel producers are investing heavily in producing green steel using electricity from fossil-free sources and green hydrogen instead of carbon intensive coal. To bring emissions down state-of-the-art technologies are developed throughout the global steel industries. In this section you can read news articles on the production of green steel.

Feb 13
CCU in practice: Celanese produces low-carbon acetic acid under the ECO-CC product name

Following approval as a UPGrants vendor, Celanese is now the only producer offering…

Jan 30
POET and Summit Carbon Solutions announce carbon capture partnership in the USA

In a major step forward for the future of agriculture and biofuels, POET and Summit…

Nov 28
The world’s first carbon captured net-zero cement: Heidelberg Materials launches evoZero®

Heidelberg Materials is introducing evoZero, the world’s first carbon captured…

Oct 10
DNV has launched new guidelines for onboard carbon capture systems on board ships

DNV has published new guidelines for the safe installation of onboard carbon capture…

Aug 15
Six HyNet projects receive go-ahead to begin reducing carbon dioxide emissions

HyNet will start locking away CO2 emissions from industry, and producing low carbon…