Neustark rolling out technology to permanently store CO2 in demolition concrete

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“neustark’s mission is to store one million tonnes of CO2 by 2030 and then go on to reach much higher numbers. We are working with the biggest waste stream on Earth, demolition concrete, and are the first to roll out the technology to permanently store CO2 via mineralization.”

To read more insights from neustark’s Mr Elmar Vatter (Project Manager of Marketing and Communications) please do check out the Cover Story in Carbon Capture World’s inaugural November issue! (digital subscriptions available for free, target launch date mid November.)

Carbon Capture World (CCW) deals with the capture, storage, utilization, transportation and sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2). In addition to profiling companies already installing CO2 capture and storage facilities, editorial attention will also go to supply chain partners serving this industry such as engineering companies, consultants, fabricators, OEMs, authorities, etc.

The inaugural issue contains many engaging and informative articles including:

  • Neustark: Turning demolition waste into a carbon sink
  • Carbon capture on board ship? The supply chain is ready! Interview with VDL Marine’s Joost Wijdeveld.
  • Viability and optimism at Northern Lights Summit 2023: an extensive report of an industry-wide event covering carbon capture and storage
  • “CCS is a logical option to meet net zero in the steel industry” – consultant Rutger Gyllenram explains why
  • The benefits of biogas upgrading – interview with Airco’s Bjarne Larsen
  • Specific alloys can prevent corrosion in underground CO2 storage, states Alleima’s Karan Jain
  • Blazing a trail through the carbon jungle… Meet carboneer’s Simon Goess
  • Plus a round-up of all the important news, project updates, research work, etc

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Carbon Capture Editorial Team
Carbon Capture Editorial Team
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