Global CCUS market could reach USD 6.6 billion by 2030, suggests a new market report

The global CCUS market is anticipated to experience substantial growth, according to a report from Persistence Market Research. This growth is expected to propel the market from a value of USD 2.7 billion in 2023 to USD 6.6 billion by the conclusion of 2030.

Revealing details of the latest report in a press release, Persistence Market Research indicate that economic condition plays a pivotal role, as governments and industries recognize the economic benefits associated with investing in CCUS market technologies. These technologies not only facilitate compliance with emissions regulations but also foster innovation and open avenues for economic development.

The driving force behind this expansion is the urgent need to address carbon emissions and combat climate change. The market encompasses a range of technologies dedicated to capturing CO2 emissions from industrial processes and power generation, subsequently utilizing and securely storing the captured carbon to prevent its release into the atmosphere.


Market growth drivers:

As regards market growth drivers, Persistence indicate the following five areas:

  • Environmental concerns: Heightened global awareness and concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability are significant drivers. Governments, industries, and the public are increasingly focused on mitigating carbon emissions to address the impacts of climate change.
  • Emission reduction targets: Stringent emission reduction targets set by governments and international agreements propel the demand for CCUS technologies. Countries are committed to meeting specific carbon reduction goals, and CCUS plays a crucial role in achieving these targets.
  • Regulatory initiatives: Increased regulatory initiatives at national and international levels promote sustainable practices. Governments are implementing policies and regulations that incentivize or mandate the adoption of CCUS technologies as part of broader climate action strategies.
  • Economic benefits: Recognition of the economic advantages associated with investing in CCUS technologies is driving market growth. Governments and industries realize that these technologies facilitate compliance with emissions regulations, foster innovation, and create opportunities for economic development.
  • Technology advancements: Continuous advancements in carbon capture methods, storage technologies, and utilization strategies contribute to the growth of the market. Improved efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of CCUS technologies make them more attractive for widespread adoption.


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