Gigaton-scale DAC carbon removal to be demonstrated by RepAir’s field prototype

RepAir has unveiled its field prototype, demonstrating the technical performance of its direct air capture solution in an operational environment for the first time. The company is now at Technology Readiness Level 6, a significant step forward on the path to market viability.


Nearly 40 gigatons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere annually, exasperating the global climate crisis. Despite efforts to reduce emissions, “hard to abate” industries like air travel, steel and cement manufacturing will remain reliant on non-renewable energy, creating a persistent 15-20% emissions gap. To achieve the necessary emissions reduction milestones, including reaching net zero emissions by 2050, the global community must increasingly embrace macro-scale carbon negative solutions and offset remaining emissions with carbon storage and credits. To this end, delivering affordable and scalable DAC technology to market is critical. But despite the necessity and demand for DAC solutions, current models have high energy and costly input demands and fail to include the primary technical factors that would enable viability at the gigaton scale: continuous function, flexibility of location, and minimal maintenance needs.


RepAir’s solution

RepAir’s DAC design represents a momentous leap forward in emissions reduction technology. Its proprietary dual-cell mechanism leverages electrochemical processing and is exceptionally low-cost to build and run, with maximum potential for accelerated and sustainable implementation that matches the urgency of the climate crisis. Utilizing 70% less energy (0.6MWh/tCO2), RepAir’s market-ready solution will perform sustainable carbon removal at the gigaton scale, with a negligible carbon footprint below 5%. Powered exclusively by renewable energy and produced without the use of precious metals, RepAir’s leaner, cleaner, more affordable system holds the promise of unprecedented global scalability, with easy integration at any partner site.



“We are very proud of our uniquely scalable negative emissions solution. In an impressively short time frame, we have launched technology capable of capturing carbon at a cost that is sustainable for removal at the gigaton scale, overcoming a major industry challenge,” said Amir Shiner, RepAir CEO. “We look forward to forging ahead on our path to market, and to collaborating with a robust network of development and implementation partners to lay the groundwork together for the climate-enhancing industrial marketplace of the future.”

“As both the public and private sectors strive for a brighter future for our planet, it has become clear that emissions reductions alone are not enough; the global community must embrace additional carbon negative solutions like Carbon Dioxide Removal at scale,” said Ben Achrai, RepAir CTO and Co-Founder. “Our proprietary technology, which allows for a continuous carbon removal loop for maximized energy efficiency, in combination with its minimal maintenance needs, will enable rapid adoption of our DAC solution around the world.”


A video presentation about the prototype is available on YouTube.

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