First large-scale onshore nodal CCS exploration projects in Brazil commence

STRYDE has supplied geoscience and technology pioneer, Explor with 26,370 STRYDE Nodes™ to enable a series of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects to support carbon-negative bioenergy in Brazil.

The projects mark the first time that STRYDE has seen its seismic sensor technology used in Brazil.

The CCS projects were commissioned by bioenergy companies specializing in ethanol production from agricultural sources. The primary objective is to identify suitable geological formations for carbon storage. By sequestering carbon emissions resulting from the fermentation process deep underground, proponents aim to make the resulting bioenergy production carbon negative.

Geological storage of CO2

The series of surveys includes two separate projects in Brazil, whereby Explor is conducting two 3D surveys totalling over 100 km2, near existing bioenergy facilities.

During the surveys, Explor will acquire high-resolution seismic data using STRYDE’s Nodes™, to help their client understand the suitability of the subsurface for permanent geological storage of CO2 and to identify optimal well locations.

Seismic data acquisition

Mike Popham, CEO at STRYDE explained: “We are excited to see Explor delivering STRYDE’s first full-scale projects in Latin America. Until recently, seismic data was seen as an exclusive product of the oil and gas industry, due to the significant CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with acquiring the data.”

“However, our unique, market-leading low-cost nodal sensor enables the rapid acquisition of high-resolution seismic data that multiple industries need to explore for new energy sources, to decarbonize, and to de-risk projects.”

Photo shows STRYDE Nodes™ being shipped to Brazil in a small charter plane. Photo: Explor, copyright 2023.

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