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Carbon Capture World Exhibition & Conference

December 2023 – Pasadena, TX USA

The Carbon Capture World Conference will focus on the process and technology of carbon capture, transport and storage.

The Carbon Capture World Conference unites researchers, manufacturers, end-users and suppliers in an open and focused forum.

 It’s the ideal platform to profile your expertise, network with industry peers, and share your knowledge with the international decarbonization community.

We are currently compiling a comprehensive two-day conference and invite you to participate. If you are interested, please leave your details below.

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Key conference topics will include:

Policy and Projects

  • How customers are driving demand – case histories
  • Government decarbonisation policies – outcomes and implications
  • Likely impact on the industry
  • CCUS – the pros and cons
  • Project updates

Capture technologies, including

  • Pre combustion
  • Post combustion
  • Oxyfuel
  • Advances in clean production technologies


  • Offshore
  • EOR – enhanced oil recovery

    Transport, including the role of

    • Pipelines
    • Ships
    • Flow control and materials

Get informed

If you are interested in participating in the conference, please leave your details below, and we will keep you up to date on the progress and planning of the conference.

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Sarah Bradly

For questions please contact

Sarah Bradley – Conference Coordinator


Telephone: +1 416 361 7030